DECONFINING is a four-year EU-funded project bringing together cultural practitioners, artists, policy makers, and audiences from two continents – Europe and Africa. Dedicated to contributing to a better understanding of (social, political and economic) confinement patterns from different viewpoints, the project aims to explore and develop new ways of intercontinental artistic and cultural (policy) cooperation and provide better access and information for intercontinental mobility and co-creation.

Building on the close collaboration and exchange between European and African Capitals of Culture, from Lusaka in Zambia to Bodø in northern Norway, DECONFINING seeks what we share; what connects, defines, and divides us; and enables an exchange beyond the paternalistic colonialist scheme of confinement in favor of a strong participatory approach.

Over 250 artists, 2,500 cultural organization representatives and 400 cultural stakeholders across two continents, and more than 30 countries are working together to develop an inclusive, sustainable, and participatory framework of cooperation between Europe and Africa (to be later extended to other regions of the world).


  • 2022
    1st Partner Forum
  • 2023
  • FEBRUARY Capitals of Culture International Cooperation Formats Analysis
  • MARCH Website and social media launch
  • SEPTEMBER 1st DECONFINING Micro-conference
  • SEPTEMBER 2nd Partner Forum
  • 2024
  • MAY 2nd DECONFINING Micro-conference
  • JUNE Publication of an anthology ebook
  • JUNE Launch of the podcast
  • OCTOBER 3rd Partner Forum
  • DECEMBER 2024 – JUNE 2025 Touring of art projects and co-productions in the EU and Africa
  • 2025
  • MAY 3rd DECONFINING Micro-conference
  • NOVEMBER 4th Partner Forum
  • 2026
  • FEBRUARY Publication of the Capitals of Culture International Cooperation Toolkit
  • APRIL Publication of the innovative intercontinental project governance model
  • MAY 4th DECONFINING Micro-conference

250 artists, 170 major works of art, 2,500 cultural organization representatives, 400 cultural stakeholders, four (4) forums, four (4) micro-conferences, one (1) mobility platform, one (1) interactive polity toolkit, one (1) DECONFINING anthology ebook, 20 podcast episodes, 12 art tourings, 30+ countries, 2 continents

We look forward to connecting with you!

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