by: Teodora Marija Grigaitė


Teodora Grigaitė, along with authors Laura Sheilla Inangoma, Greta Ambrazaitė, and Kibsa Anthony Ouedraogo, participated in the first Deconfining Writers’ Residency, a three-month online program. Through debates, mind maps, lectures, and workshops, they explored common themes, keywords, and narratives that transcend continents. Their collaborative efforts led to the creation of literary texts that, despite describing personal pandemic experiences from different parts of the world, share interconnected emotions and values.



Teodora Marija Grigaitė

Teodora Marija Grigaitė is a PhD student at the Lithuanian Institute for Cultural Research, a philosopher, translator, publisher, and educator. At ‘Phi Knygos’, she worked on texts ranging from ancient philosophy to Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. She also writes philosophical books for children. Her international publication on the role of laughter and humour in the feminist movement is forthcoming.

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