La Dolce Vita

by: Mouna Bel Haj Zekri


Mouna Bel Haj Zekri’s text, selected by the Tunisian National Theatre, represents a significant contribution to the Deconfining project, as it enriches our understanding of interpersonal relationships and personal experiences of the world determined by our internal, social, and political confinements. We are honored to feature this thought-provoking work as part of the Deconfining initiative.



Mouna Bel Haj Zekri

Mouna Ben Haj Zekri is an actress and director. She is a graduate of the Tunisian National Theatre Acting School. She holds a master’s degree in cultural management and a BA in modern French literature. Bel Haj Zekri has co-written and acted in several plays, including her latest project, “The Blind Spot”, “Madame M”; and “On la refait”; by Essia Jaibi, and “Fenêtres Sur…”; by Raja Ben Ammar. She has also appeared in various independent films. Self-narrative and memory are at the heart of her creative process.

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