The Incredible Story of Baoo the Foulani and the Big Fish

by: Samia Amami


Samia Amami’s text, selected by the Tunisian National Theatre, represents a significant contribution to the Deconfining project, as it enriches our understanding of interpersonal relationships and personal experiences of the world determined by our internal, social, and political confinements. We are honored to feature this thought-provoking work as part of the Deconfining initiative.



Samia Amami

Samia Amami is a Tunisian Dramaturg and screenwriter. She wrote multiple texts for the stage including Illegitimate, Hydrogen,and Forbidden Zone. She is known as a TV screenwriter for her work on Night’s Stars, Police, and The Afternoon Spirits. She is currently fully dedicated to writing for theatre, TV, and cinema and she is committed to sharing her experience through training sessions in dramatic writing. She is considered as one of the most important dramatists in Tunisia and her writing is distinguished due to her innovative style and her commitment to social causes in their human and universal dimensions.

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