Celebrating Excellence: Kathrine Nedrejord’s Nomination for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize

We are thrilled to share some remarkable news from the world of literature that brings immense pride to our Deconfining project. One of the outstanding authors who took part in the Bodø2024 Writers’ Residency has been nominated for the prestigious Nordic Council’s Literature Prize!


Introducing Kathrine Nedrejord

Kathrine Nedrejord (born in 1987) is a Sami and Norwegian author and playwright. She grew up in the North of Norway, but she has been living in Paris since 2011. Nedrejord began writing poetry and won several competitions as a teenager. Afterwards she has written and published five novels, two of which are youth novels. She has toured the North of Norway with two performances Landskap and Det brenner, det brenner, and she was selected to participate at the Norwegian Drama Festival in 2009, 2015 and 2017.

In 2018 she was hired at the playwright in residence at The National Theatre in Norway. Their talent and dedication to the art of storytelling were evident from the start, and we knew we had the privilege of collaborating with a literary gem.


A Celebration of Collaborative Creativity

During our writers’ residency, Kathrine Nedrejord joined forces with the brilliant Salimata Togora, and together they embarked on a creative journey that resulted in a captivating masterpiece. Their collaborative synergy brought forth a literary work that transcends boundaries, and it’s available in both French and Norwegian languages. You can explore their beautiful creation by clicking here.


Nordic Council’s Literature Prize Nomination

Nedrejord’s nomination for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize, specifically for their novel work Forbryter og straff (“Crime and punishment”), is a testament to her exceptional literary talent. For more details about this incredible achievement, we invite you to read more by clicking here. 


Congratulations to Kathrine Nedrejord for this well-deserved nomination!

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