International Cultural Relations – Online debate #3

The 3rd Intercontinental Online Debate which took place on 29 March 2023, was dedicated to discussing how we can all be actors of better cooperation and improved relations between Africa and EU/rope. The online event feature a presentation of the results of the Deconfining study on the status and potential for improvement of international (cultural) cooperation between Africa and EU/rope by Sylvia Amann, an open discussion forum, and an intercontinental political conversation with Hannes Heide, Member of the European Parliament and Mamou Daffé, Director at the Centre Culturel Kôrè and Founder of the Festival sur le Niger.

The full report of the Online debate #3 can be found → here.


The Programme: 

  • 15:30 Welcome
  • 15:40 “How to improve intercontinental cultural cooperation by cities and local governments between EU/rope and Africa?” (Sylvia Amann, Inforelais, presentation of the Deconfining study; Q&A with participants)
  • 16:10 Debates between actors of cooperation
  • 16:40 Conversations with policymakers on better cooperation settings and actions (with Hannes Heide, MEP and Mamou Daffé, Director of the Kôrè Centre for Culture and founder of the Festival sur le Niger)
  • 17:20 Next steps, community conversations, thank you and goodbye

We look forward to connecting with you!

Let’s talk about deconfining: