International Cultural Relations – Online Debate #1

On 15 November 2022, the first Intercontinental Online Debate within the framework of the DECONFINING study on how to improve international (cultural) cooperation in cities and local governments between the EU/ropean and African continents took place. The study, authored by Sylvia Amann and carried out in cooperation with the partners Salzkammergut 2024 and Bodø 2024, started in July 2022, and includes desk research, interviews, two online debates, a study report, and a third online debate to be held in March 2023 where the results of the study will be presented.

The objectives of the study are:

  • a better understanding of current practices of international (cultural) cooperation in (CoC) cities and local governments;
  • intercontinental co-elaboration of updated/future governance of international (cultural) cooperation and practices in (CoC) cities and local governments, as well as related objectives and recommendations;
  • the networking of (policy, CoC, culture, other) stakeholders from both continents, as well as related community building.

The online event presented preliminary findings from desk research and interviews, followed by discussions in two sub-groups aimed at reflecting together the preliminary findings on the three priority areas (context, themes, and governance; that is, updated support framework, rules, and structures), sharing experiences on international cooperation from different perspectives and from different urban contexts, local authorities, culture, international cooperation and local (cultural) initiatives, as well as building an intercontinental community in small sub-groups with the image in mind of virtual intercontinental coffee tables for networking, discussion, thinking outside current boxes, and finding ways to improve Africa-EU/rope intercontinental cooperation.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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