Participate in our Questionnaire for a Valuable Training Opportunity

Deadline: 10 October 2023


Are you interested in honing your proposal writing skills within the field of art? We are offering an educational opportunity that combines learning with a chance to contribute to the arts community. You are invited to join us for a free masterclass, led by Ms. Ouafa Belgacem, a renowned expert in Resource Mobilization for the Cultural and Creative Industries.


How to Get Involved

The participation opportunity requires just 20 minutes of your time. As part of the Deconfining project, Culture Funding Watch is launching a study aimed at conducting a thorough analysis of artistic and cultural mobility in Africa. By completing our questionnaire, you not only gain access to an informative online workshop on project proposal writing but also play a role in shaping the future of artistic and cultural mobility in Africa.


The Questionnaire

Our questionnaire is more than just a series of questions; it serves as a valuable tool for effecting change. Your responses will offer important insights into the challenges, opportunities, and aspirations of artists and cultural practitioners across the diverse African continent. Our goal is to comprehensively understand the current situation and advocate for positive transformations.


Project Proposal Writing

Developing a persuasive project proposal is vital for artists and cultural practitioners as it serves as a pathway to funding and opportunities. Ms. Ouafa Belgacem, our masterclass leader, boasts a wealth of experience in Resource Mobilization for the Cultural and Creative Industries. In this workshop, you will acquire valuable skills to enhance the quality of your project proposals.


Act Quickly! To secure your participation in this valuable opportunity, kindly complete the questionnaire by October 10th. The Culture Funding Watch team will promptly contact you regarding the training program.


→ Questionnaire in English

→ Questionnaire in French


Join us in the effort to create the sole open-source resource dedicated to artists’ mobility in Africa. Your contribution holds significance, and together, we can drive positive change within and beyond our borders.


About Ms. Ouafa Belgacem


With over 15 years of experience in designing and financing international development programmes in different contexts (Africa, Asia and MENA regions), Ouafa Belgacem is a researcher interested in topics related to arts and creativity financing, cultural policies and arts financial engineering. She is the founder and CEO of Culture Funding Watch, the leading platform for information on cultural and creative industries funding for creative actors in the Global South. 

She is also the founder of the Resources Mobilisation Digithon, the largest online gathering of creatives and financiers, CCi Boost, a platform that creates a virtual ecosystem to connect cultural entrepreneurs with their peers, clients and funders, and Art’n’Stay, a platform that helps cultural spaces generate additional revenue. Her current work focuses on advising on how to design smart funding strategies and policies for cultural and creative industries.

Ouafa is one of the 100 Most Influential Creatives of African Descent 2021 and one of the 500 Most Powerful African Doers 2022, Liaison/Ambassador for the Digital Africa Programme for the North Africa region, Creative Director at the Pan African Chamber of Commerce.


Your involvement in this initiative represents an investment in your skills and a contribution to the advancement of the artistic and cultural landscape in Africa. Feel free to take part and have an impact.

We look forward to connecting with you!

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