Founded in 2005, ART TRANSPARENT Contemporary Art Foundation is dedicated to pursuing its objectives in the field of contemporary art and social issues through local and national projects, as well as its own initiatives to strengthen the artistic and intellectual environment on current social and artistic issues. Its activities focus primarily on ongoing engagement in the raising of awareness of public space, its purpose, and uses. In addition, it aims to contribute to the extensive promotion of contemporary art, and to instill in the audience an attitude of openness and greater thoughtfulness. At the same time, it aims to encourage artists’ willingness to confront the viewer, as well as the need for dialogue and engagement in cultural and educational activities. It particularly emphasizes the role of contemporary art in the process of social development, and is therefore involved in social, educational, and anti-discriminatory initiatives, as well as those seeking to confront the problem of memory and trauma of a difficult past. Furthermore, the Foundation is involved in publishing and educational activities, particularly those related to issues of social exclusion, otherness, and anti-discrimination.


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