Bodø in the North of Norway is the first European Capital of Culture above the Arctic Circle. In 2024, Bodø and the region of Nordland will reconnect with Europe and the world beyond. The regional capital of Bodø is home to 50,000 people living an urban Arctic life on the outskirts of Europe, but at the very centre of the resourceful and contrasting North. ARCTICulation is the title of Bodø’s bid: ‘It’s time to articulate the pulse of the Arctic’. The word ARCTICulation contains many aspects important to Bodø. Arctic and Articulation, of course; but also Communication, Art, Cultivation, Community, and even ‘Artig’, a North Norwegian word for fun. Bodø’s programme will celebrate and reflect the qualities of the Arctic; its unique relationship with land, sea, and nature; its unknown and exciting history; and invention, resilience, and imagination. By delivering a challenging and innovative cultural programme, Bodø wants to share some of the Arctic’s values with its audiences. Bodø is ready to transition from Arctic to ARCTICulation. From cold to cool, keeping the doors to their region – and hearts – wide open.



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