Ségou’ Art | Festival sur le Niger, is a creative format of the Festival sur le Niger, which in addition to music, focuses on contemporary art through a Contemporary Art Salon, and all the traditional components of the Festival sur le Niger.

The Festival sur le Niger typically features performances by both local and international artists, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Mali and fostering connections between different artistic traditions. Alongside the performances, the festival often includes exhibitions, workshops, and forums on topics related to arts, culture, and development.

One of the key highlights of the festival is its focus on traditional music, with performances by renowned Malian musicians as well as emerging talents. The festival provides a platform for artists to share their work with diverse audiences and to engage in discussions about the role of art in society.

Additionally, the Festival sur le Niger serves as a major economic and tourism boost for the city of Ségou and the surrounding region, attracting visitors from across Mali and beyond. It is regarded not only as a celebration of art and culture but also as an important driver of local development and empowerment.

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