The Institute for Transmedia Design (ITD) is an impact organization focused on story and technology driven innovation. It is committed to producing responsible and meaningful work that challenges the status quo; strives for greater equality, diversity, and inclusion; and rethinks the dynamics between producers and audiences. At the heart of its work is the importance of telling compelling stories and ensuring that all co-creators are actively involved in the process. Since its foundation in 2013, the Institute has been actively involved in the co-creation and implementation of many ambitious, bold, and uniquely inspiring international projects, and its work has been selected for major industry events, including Vienna Design Week, the Biennale of Design in Ljubljana, the Cartoon Forum, the IDFA Forum, the Berlinale. In 2019, the Institute was awarded the prestigious SozialMarie Prize for its participatory teaching method Twisted Tales, honoring projects providing innovative answers to urgent societal challenges. In 2022, it received a special recognition from the Croatian Design Association for two of its projects dealing with new perspectives on our future.



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