Les Récréâtrales, established in 2002 by Burkina Faso theater artist Etienne Minoungou, are Pan-African residences dedicated to theater writing, creation, and research. Their goal is to provide French-speaking authors, stage directors, and scenographers from the continent with the time and space to collaborate on contemporary theater performances. Over the past two decades, they have evolved into a major event in African contemporary theater.

In addition to their biennial festival, Récréâtrales have become deeply integrated into the Bougsemtenga district, where they have enriched the community through various initiatives. These include a permanent theater, Sceno College for training technicians, Labo ELAN for research and creation, workshops for children, and a professionalization program for youth called Artistic Application.

Under the leadership of Aristide Tarnagda and Odile Sankara, Récréâtrales have worked to strengthen ties between visiting artists and the local community, involving residents in various projects and productions. Notable collaborations include joint performances, such as the play “Le Quartier,” and initiatives like the TERRE CEINTE project addressing violent extremism through artistic expression.

Récréâtrales have become known for their positive impact on audiences, neighborhoods, and the transformation of community spaces. Today, they continue to prioritize meaningful connections and human-centric narratives, aiming to address contemporary challenges through their productions and programming.

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