The Tunisian National Theater, founded in 1983, operates with a mission to enhance Tunisian theater through various activities such as training, production, and distribution. It enjoys financial autonomy under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and is headquartered at The Theater Palace in the iconic Halfaouine square in the old Medina of Tunis. Additionally, it operates 4ème Art, a venue in the city center, which offers rehearsal rooms and a main theater hall.

The Theater Palace, a historical monument, houses administrative offices, rehearsal rooms, a library, and workshops for costume, set, and accessory creation. The theater also established a School of Performing Arts in 2014, specializing in acting, to provide professional training through practical workshops and theoretical seminars.

Through partnership agreements with institutions like the Ecole de la Rue Blanche in Lyon, France, and the Ecole Supérieur d’Audiovisuel de Gammarth, the Tunisian National Theater aims to enhance the quality of Tunisian theater and increase its presence in the international market.

4ème Art, renovated and equipped by the theater, serves as a contemporary black box theater for performing arts shows. The theater collaborates with local and international theater-makers, hosts productions, and strives to expand its audience by attracting diverse social categories, including young people and students.

Moreover, the theater distributes theatrical works within Tunisia and abroad, promoting Tunisian theater on local, regional, and international platforms.

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