Meistens Bettler, meistens Gesinde by: Iva Papić

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Papić’s story was chosen as one of the winning stories in a writers competition organized by the Croatian National Theatre “Ivan Zajc” from Rijeka, within the Deconfining project.

“Meistens Bettler, meistens Gesinde” delves into migrant experiences with a subjective lens, weaving together themes of homelessness and statelessness across generations and geographical contexts. Through skillful prose and precise editing, the author crafts a collage of belonging and recognition, offering a polyphonic narrative that resonates with diverse experiences and identities.


Iva Papić

Iva Papić was born in Osijek in 1981. She graduated in Art History and Latin Language and Roman Literature from the Zagreb University of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2005, where she received her PhD degree in 2019.

Published literary works:

  • A short story Pete od trinaest centimetara (Thirteen Centimetres Heels), published in the collection Balkansko Pero (Balkan Pen) - a collection of works by the participants of the 3 rd New Sarajevo Literary Meetings - 2009
  • A short story Protina žena (Archpriest’s Wife), published in the anthology of author’s works for the KNS magazine for culture and literature Duhovna konekcija (Spiritual Connection) – a collection of works by the participants of the 5th New Sarajevo Literary Meetings - 2011.

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